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Sowon Kim, born in South Korea, is a translator, social entrepreneur, and bestselling author. As the daughter of missionaries, she moved to Peru with her family when she was just three months old. She hopes to raise awareness about the diverse social issues happening around the world through her stories, as well as inspire fellow teenagers to raise their voices. When she’s not typing on her keyboard (whether it be because of writing or schoolwork), Sowon can be seen swimming, reading, surfing, learning foreign languages, or translating for Lost Island Press and non-profit organizations. She is also obsessed with her adorable cat, Lucky.


A Gleaming Shard of Glass

Out NOW!
After Grecia Rivera runs away from her home city to avoid her prison sentence, she soon discovers that the outside world is just as brutal as the city she left behind. Even among a society of runaways, freedom is nowhere to be found, but Grecia will never stop searching—even if searching threatens her life.
Black Marble
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It's through my unique experiences that I found my passions.

Having moved from my home country as a three-month-old toddler, I had to jump over multiple hurdles like cultural differences and racial microaggressions. Being a third culture kid and Korean diaspora was never easy, but it's through these experiences that I found my passions.
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Black Marble

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