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Every six months on Regulation Day, children from the honorable city of Nepenthe take a required intelligence examination.

Those who pass resume their lives as valuable students, but those who fail are imprisoned, no longer considered human.

When fourteen-year-old Grecia Rivera fails the examination—despite being one of the best artists of her age—her life is turned upside down. To avoid her prison sentence, she must abandon everyone she loves and escape from Nepenthe.

But Grecia soon discovers that the outside world is just as brutal as the city she left behind. Now trapped within a society of runaways, Grecia must risk her life for freedom once again.

Filled with shocking secrets and heart-shattering betrayals, A Gleaming Shard of Glass reveals the dark side of modern society and the true meaning of free will.


 Featuring my poem, Leaving Words on the Street

Voices from Malaysia to New York, from South Korea to Argentina, emerge in this poignant collection of short fiction and poetry.
It is morning. We wake beside our loved ones; we reminisce on an elementary romance. Then comes twilight. We fall in love with pyromaniacs; we realize that perhaps we do not need magic; we find ourselves to lose ourselves again. Night falls. Monsters arise; hearts break; we become our fathers.
These are the stories of the rays of sun and the dark corners; the beginnings and the endings; the mornings, the twilights, and finally, the nights. The moments we dwell fondly upon and the moments that remain buried in memory, collecting dust.


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Having been born in South Korea, Sowon Kim moved to Peru in 2007, when she just was three months old.
Never having had the time to develop her identity, she soon found herself stuck between two radically different worlds: her country of origin and her home country.
There was yet another problem to deal with—racism, xenophobia, and discrimination that impacted her deeply every day.
But through trial and error and overcoming hatred and loneliness, Sowon discovered the key to a sense of belonging, the key to not being stuck between two worlds but being part of both of them.
Full of sincere and raw thoughts, Deceitful Hope is a concise account of the everyday struggles of a teenage immigrant—and anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong.

Books I've translated

Originally in English ● Written by Mel Torrefranca

Hace diez años, Scott Marino desapareció del pueblo sin dejar ningún rastro.

Su hijo de catorce años, Benji Marino, es la única persona lo suficientemente atrevida para acercarse al borde del pueblo. Aunque sus mejores amigos están ansiosos por ayudarle a seguir adelante, no puede parar de preguntarse si su padre sigue afuera, en alguna parte.

Todos en el pueblo dicen que es imposible. Todos creen que la desaparición de Scott es prueba de lo peligroso que es el mundo fuera de Wishville, pero él cuestiona sus pensamientos.

Cuando la hermana enferma de su amigo declara que sabe lo que los demás no, la vida de Benji se convierte en un caos. Con el tiempo en su contra, y su curiosidad más fuerte que nunca, él sabe lo que debe hacer. Salir de Wishville podría ser su única oportunidad de ser libre, pero también podría costarle la vida.